there are many different options out there in cleaning your recordcollection. some are rapid, slow going, extravagant,  expensive, cheap, or labor-intensive. i needed something that would allow me to clean my records in a efficient and timesaving method and yet be deepcleaning and not ruining my budget for "new" records.

i have experimented with all kinds of cleaning methods: starting with a destilled water/alcohol mixture and a modified turntable
with a cleaning brush upto the messy and
timeconsuming woodglue-desaster
(+some other techniques that i am not going
mention here).

all of this lead to the idea of building my own
ultrasonic cleaning device, the LP3!

let me introduce you to the LP3 and why i decided to built it!

the LP3 is built upon request!
your LP3-box containes everything you need to clean your records, everything includet except the ultrasonictub. question: why isn´t the tub includet?
answer: it is either a 110V or 230V version, the LP3 on the other hand works with all voltages worldwide.
the LP3 is ready for you to test! if you want to experience the cleaningabilities of the LP3 you are welcome to the next vinylgarage-event (happens a couple a times a year ->
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and don´t forget to bring your dirtiest record! you can also join our LP3-facebookgroup and check out the global map of LP3´s in use, also be informed all about "recordcleaning"!
further requests on the LP3:
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- cleans up to 3 records simultaniously.
- for (all) 7", 10" and 12" records.
- each can be accessed individually
 (load & unload, even while washing).
- cleans up to 20 records an hour.
- compatible with inexpensive
 ultrasonic baths (6l).
- 110V - 230V power supply
 (worldwide usage).

add one cup of
amaloco10 to

get optimum
washing results
the LP3 was made
specific for this 6l
outersleves to protect
the cover
after washing:
always replace the innersleve
destilled water.
before you purchase,
check the quality of your
tabwater: if around 4 °dH you can use it!
click here for info-video!


how the LP3 works: